Why I run…

My first piece was going to focus on my proudest running achievement and the best day I’ve had on the road at Blackpool Half Marathon.  I’ve come to realise, however, that it’s slightly pointless recounting running memories without establishing some sort of common ground with you, my readership.

So, why do I, a 20 year old university student whose time would probably be best spent in the gym, instead find myself heading out of the door in pursuit of a run?

Like many people, I never really enjoyed nor excelled at P.E in school.  At some point towards the end of my time at high school I decided that I needed to find a sport that I could both enjoy and improve at.  Running was that sport.

In-game competition is often the big driver in most sports, in football, cricket, rugby and many other team games the goal of the activity is to beat the other team.  Running, by contrast, is more focused on self-improvement rather than ‘winning’ other than at the very elite level.  In my first few years of running I have seen the difference in myself whilst out on the road and it is encouraging and exciting to hear others’ stories.

Running also gives me the joys often experienced by others, peace and quiet; a time to gather my thoughts.  It is those thoughts that I intend to post in this blog and I hope that you enjoy reading my next entry, whenever that may be.  To paraphrase Bruce Forsyth, ‘keep running‘!

3 thoughts on “Why I run…

  1. I run and I was awful at PE and it was also my least favourite lesson. I run early in the morning (5/6am). I like leaving the house in the dark and cold and coming back as the sun rises. I could be out for as little as 20minutes but knowing that in the little time I’ve been running the night has turned into day is such a great feeling. I feel like I’ve achieved something and seen something nobody else has.


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