Introducing Moa…

Moa.  34 superfoods, 1 bottle.  Some crazy ingredients find their way into this drink including Noni berries, Seaweed, even mushrooms!  The end product is a flavourful drink which you are meant to take 2 shots of per day – although many people take more due to its taste and health benefits.  As part of the Nutrifi range, Moa is advertised as ‘so much more than a supplement’ and it’s easy to see why…

I bought this product after Dane, my PT, mentioned that he was trying it a few months ago – it sounded weird and like something which had an acquired taste.  On both counts, I was in.

The first thing that strikes you is the presentation.  The bottle arrives in a box, neatly packaged and easy to store. Then we move onto the bottle, it’s purple in colour and looks pretty strange when you consider the size and shape of bottles for other health drinks.

The magic begins when you take off the lid and smell Moa for the first time.  When I talked with my PT about what we could taste in the drink we came up with completely different answers, I’ll bet people can smell different ingredients too on that basis – after all, there are 34 in total!  To my nose, it has a smell of berries, appetising!

Tasting Moa for the first time was a real experience.  I didn’t just get one flavour but a transition from one flavour, through to another, before being left with a pleasant after taste.  Initially the drink tastes of berries before moving on to a fiery ginger with a black pepper finish.  Perfect, as anyone who knows me knows that I can’t get enough ginger!

Now to the health benefits.  I’m susceptible to colds, and I was expecting to be hit with plenty of them, especially since I was working mainly late shifts earlier this year.  Whilst taking Moa, the frequency and severity of the colds significantly reduced, that was noticeable.  I was also impressed with the way I felt within myself, I felt energised for most of the day and didn’t feel run down at all whilst taking the drink.  I have a really sensitive stomach but I’m glad to report that I didn’t experience any side effects from drinking Moa, I thought it may be an issue as a result of such a concentration of superfoods down into one shot of drink but this wasn’t the case.


If I had to rate this product I’d give it an 8/10, it’s expensive for such a small bottle but the quality of the product probably justifies that price tag.  I was really happy with the taste, even though you just have one shot of it at a time… why can’t they make a long drink which tastes this good?  The presentation of the bottle and the box it comes in is first class and demonstrates the care that has been put into making such a quality product.  If you are looking for something a bit different to supplement your health, I recommend giving this a go.  Once you’ve had one bottle of Moa, there is no going back…

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