Love Your Flaws

A refreshing take on the world’s self-confidence crisis. Nobody is perfect…


I took this selfie in the car earlier today and it got me thinking…


It was so hard not to edit out my spots on this photo. Although my skin is a million times better than what it used to be thanks to Roaccutaine*, I am still super self conscious about my spots. I get far more than the average 22 year old girl should do. But now I have fixed the majority of the problem, and feel confident applying makeup and know how to manage and maintain my skin, I am learning to embrace the odd spot and not feel that everyone is constantly looking at my skin. 99% of the time I’m sure people don’t really notice or care about my skin, so why should I?

*I have written a blog previously called ‘My Skin’ where I talk about my experience with acne and Roaccutaine.

I don’t want…

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