Grind and Tamp

Grind and Tamp is a recent addition to Greater Manchester’s coffee scene opening in Ramsbottom in spring last year.  Ramsbottom is a small market town in the Irwell Valley, just to the north of Bury, the main street is lined with independent shops including the indulgent Chocolate Cafe, a bakery, butcher and even a pub.  Now Ramsbottom’s main street also hosts Grind and Tamp, the northern point of Manchester’s coffee scene.

G&T offer an impressive 15 different coffees at any one time, each of these can be brewed in any of the available brewing methods as the beans are ground by-the-cup.  Coffees are selected from a diverse range of roasters including North Star and The Barn, a coffee roastery based in Germany.  The team’s knowledge of tasting notes for each coffee is extensive and short descriptions of selected coffees are chalked up behind the counter.


The guest espresso provided by The Barn

Coffees vary in price depending on which blend and brewing method you select.  Once ordered, the coffees are delivered to your table when they are ready.


The V60 – One of many available brewing methods

The coffee house has a small food selection made fresh by the in-house chef, indeed, the owner is originally a chef by trade.  Breakfast offerings include doorstep toast made with bread from a local bakery.  If you are feeling slightly more adventurous there is the choice to have Smoked Salmon with Free Range Scrambled Eggs on Toasted Sourdough with Rocket Oil.

Unusual and unique combinations dominate the menu.  The first time I visited for lunch I chose tomato soup with harissa oil, a warming twist for a winter’s day.  The menu is ever changing, such is the focus of G&T’s owner to keep the food offering fresh and seasonal.  On my most recent visit I opted for a Jerk Chicken wrap with Banana Ketchup – sounds odd, right?  It tasted delicious.  The subtlety of the banana ketchup combined with the spicy Jerk Chicken perfectly.


Jerk Chicken Wrap with Banana Ketchup

The chalkboard displays of available coffees, alternative hot drinks and food offerings reaffirm the homemade feel of this particular venue.  Indeed, it is fair to say that the venue is almost entirely self styled by the shop’s owner and manager Adrian, creating a warm and welcoming space for people to enjoy quality food and drink.


Lunchtime Specials!

I don’t often marvel at the decor in coffee shops but particular features of G&T are particularly striking.  A coffee mug hangs from the ceiling in front of the counter, this is a coffee shop after all!  The wooden tables are surrounded by stools with a plant in the middle of each, simple yet effective decoration.


If you find yourself at a loose end in North Manchester, Grind and Tamp is definitely worth a visit.  Grind & Tamp opening hours are 08:30-16:00 except Sundays when the opening times are 10:00-16:00.  The only day Grind & Tamp are closed entirely is on Wednesday.

Throughout your time here you are made to feel at ease, from table service to the explanation of how the coffees are sourced and brewed.  Quality is achieved throughout with care and attention at every level ensuring each and every visitor is served to the same high standard.  Adrian’s mission statement clearly sets out what Grind and Tamp want to achieve and I am certain that he has achieved just that:

‘My passions is for quality coffee, I wanted G & T to be a place where the bean was the star and to produce the finest speciality coffee, using contemporary brewing methods, whilst offering a relaxed and friendly experience for our customers.’

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