March Musings

This weekend, I celebrated a friend’s birthday.  I’m no golfer but was surprised to find myself doing particularly well in our game of mini-golf at Junkyard until the very last hole.  Eight shots later and my score didn’t look quite so rosy!  Junkyard Golf is a quirky idea and worth a visit if you are out to have a laugh with friends whilst sipping on a beer – you can’t do that on an 18-hole course.  And why wouldn’t you want a selfie with a sign like this?


Whilst I haven’t posted on the blog for a while, I have still been writing for an online publication which I will post the details of when the article is published in the next week or so.  It has been a different challenge writing for an online magazine compared with posting on this blog and one that I have enjoyed and intend to do more of in the future.

It’s now day three of my four days off from work and I am enjoying the freedom of waking up at a normal time (read:  not 3am), going running, to the gym, meeting up with friends and living like a 22-year old for once!  Today, I have started back with my PT after 6 months of training on my own and I’m sat here asking myself exactly how six months have passed so quickly!  It’s fair to say that I was given a well needed roasting this morning.  Even though I have been training on my own, I have realised quite how much knowing what you are doing makes a difference.

The weather outside isn’t too bad, I just hope it holds out until I go back to work before turning nasty again.  Going outside without having to layer up feels really liberating at this time of year, just one reason why I love March so much.  It also means that I can shop for some well needed new clothes; I’m no big lover of clothes shopping so plan to cut down the time I spend shopping by doing it all online.  It won’t be long before shorts + t-shirts are in full force and everyone is sat around a barbecue with a beer…

I’ve also got my first coffee cupping on Thursday with Atkinson’s at my regular coffee haunt Grind & Tamp.  I’m really looking forward to the whole experience and although I have read up on what to expect it will be good to be at a coffee cupping in person for the first time.  Trying different coffees side by side with knowledgeable roasters there to answer questions about the way the coffees are roasted and their tasting notes should be a really enjoyable experience.  And, of course, I will blog about the night later this week!


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