The Mushroom Coffee Review

You aren’t imagining things, the title of this blog post really does contain the words ‘mushroom’ and ‘coffee’ together!  Organo Gold’s Ganoderma Coffee, an instant coffee, is a revelation as it contains mushroom powder, giving the coffee its unique twist.

I had the coffee recommended to me by a colleague at work who, when she heard about my near-obsession with the good stuff, asked me whether I’d like to give Organo Gold a try.  I was sceptical about the addition of mushroom to a coffee but willing to give anything a try once, I gladly accepted her offer.

The unique selling point of Organo Gold is the addition of Gandonerma powder.  Gandonerma Mushrooms are claimed to have several positive effects on health, specifically the immune system.  The health benefits are listed on Organo’s website.  Although the body of evidence pointing towards the health benefits of taking Ganoderma Lucidum is not particularly strong, the claimed benefits range from anti-oxidative effects to cancer fighting properties.  However, the summary of these health benefits provided by suggests that more could be done to prove the validity of these claims.

Although strong to taste, Organo Gold actually contains less caffeine than your average cup of Java.  Crucially, I did not know about the lower caffeine content until after I had drank the coffee at 4am before an early shift in work.  I was impressed with the caffeine ‘kick’ that I experienced afterwards as it kept me feeling alert for at least as long as other coffees that I have tried recently.


Although the coffee does have an interesting and very rich flavour profile, the aftertaste is slightly bitter and I found that the coffee was more palatable with the addition of a little milk.  This is a slight downside to the otherwise interesting flavour although I was secretly hoping that the mushroom element of this coffee would give more of a karate kick than a subtle caress of flavour!

Although I tried the Gourmet Black Coffee, Organo Gold offer several other options for people looking to buy an experimental and slightly experimental instant coffee blend; these include Cafe Late, Cafe Mocha and King Of Coffee (another instant coffee blend similar to the Gourmet Black).  My overall impression of the Gourmet Black is that it is a good quality instant coffee blend with a somewhat quirky taste.  The handy sachets also mean that you don’t have to worry about spooning out your coffee in advance if you are wanting a coffee on-the-go.  At £22 for 30 sachets it is expensive compared with high street instant coffee blends but if you are prepared to pay a little extra to experiment with your morning brew, Organo Gold is well worth a try…

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