Mid April Coffee Round Up…

In the last two weeks I have visited a number of venues, each of which has a number of appealing and unique features…

The first of these was Grindsmith, Deansgate.  The layout in Grindsmith make the prospect of grabbing a coffee and getting down to some out of office work an appealing prospect.  There’s plenty of room to spread out here!  The coffee selection when I visited was made up of three different blends although the food offering was a little depleted as the two non-cheese sandwiches had already sold out (as those who know me will testify, I don’t eat cheese, particularly when cooked).  A good venue with a lot to offer, especially if you need some space to be creative!


PKB is a regular city centre haunt of mine and I love to go whenever I’m grabbing a coffee with friends.  Since it was refurbished last year the venue has become more cosy than before.  I think that feeling comes mainly from the service as you are now encouraged to take a seat whilst the waiting staff take your order.  After the recent changes I have found myself spending more time in PKB each time I visit, that is no coincidence.  There is always a good selection of coffee and a lovely decaff which is fantastic for a mid-afternoon visit!  Each coffee is served with a curled chocolate wafer and a glass of water again demonstrating PKB’s focus on the little details which make this coffee house stand out from the crowd.


At first glance, the food menu is a little pricey but it is well worth the money, last week I had a Korean Chicken sandwich which was every bit as intriguing as it sounds.


PKB is somewhere that has gone from strength to strength since I first visited two years ago, I hope I have many more visits to come!

Lastly I visited the Albany Coffee Lounge, a two week old venue in Heywood, North Manchester.  Attached to the longstanding Albany Pub I wondered how the coffee lounge would work.  I visited when the pub was closed and the coffee lounge did feel sufficiently separate from the pub space but I would be intrigued to see how they work side by side.  The coffee used here is sourced from Limini Coffee and is a well rounded blend with a smooth finish.


Although it has only been two weeks since this little gem opened it is becoming clear that homemade cakes and scones are a particular strong point!  I opted for a scone (pronounced ‘sc-own’ until it’s ‘s-gone’!!) on my first visit, it was so fluffy and went really nicely with a pot of jam!  If you find yourself in Heywood, the Coffee Lounge is the perfect place to stop to relax and have breakfast.

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