A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

Introducing Thoughts From The Road


Welcome to my blog, Thoughts From The Road.

I’m mad about exercise but I also love eating.  Anyone see the paradox here?  Like many, I never enjoyed sport in school.  By the time I started college I had already decided that I needed my own sporting challenge.  It was during this period that I started running.

My proudest achievement was finishing the Blackpool Half Marathon 2014 in a time of 1:59:52.  The image at the top of this page was taken at the start line before the race.  The photographs from afterwards are less flattering!  I have since ran a handful of shorter races including the Bupa Manchester 10k in May 2017.  I have recently achieved my goal of running a sub 50-minute 10k in the Bury 10k 2017.

Running and exercise are my peaceful places. When I’m out running the outside world doesn’t seem to matter. When I’m out running and in a state of mindfulness, I can think. My blog posts are a collection of my thoughts from the road.

I hope you find something interesting in my blog but ultimately I hope you find an honest and passionate take on each issue I write about.  If you like what you read, subscribe.  If you love it please share it with your friends.


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