The Manchester Way

Perspective was everything yesterday.  I missed out on a PB in the Manchester 10k by nearly four minutes.  On any other day I would have been disappointed.  Not yesterday.  Yesterday was about more than just personal best times and running.  Yesterday was about Manchester.  Yesterday was about charity.  Yesterday was about giving something back to this great … Continue reading The Manchester Way

Words of a Champion!

After his victory on Saturday night, Anthony Joshua would have been forgiven for celebrating with reckless abandon. He had, after all, just defeated Wladimir Klitchko, arguably the most feared heavyweight of our time since the retirement of his brother, Vitali. Although Joshua entered Saturday's fight as the defending champion, Klitchko had reigned supreme in the … Continue reading Words of a Champion!

What’s for Breakfast?

The old adage states that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I agree, eating a good breakfast gives you the energy and nutrition to make the most of your day and should be able to power you through until lunchtime. Working varying shifts, often getting up at 2am, I have slowly sunk into some … Continue reading What’s for Breakfast?

Why I’m not very ‘appy

There's an app for everything now.  There are a wide range of fitness based applications which measure anything from your heartrate, to the number of steps you take, calories that you burn and even chocolate bars that you have earned.  For a time, I enjoyed seeing the number of calories that I had torched or how … Continue reading Why I’m not very ‘appy