The Early Morning Coffee Paradox

As every shift worker will testify, waking up in the middle of the night to go to work is never easy.  The body's natural instinct during the night is to be sound asleep. A day in the life of a shift worker often means that it is not possible to sleep during 'normal' times of … Continue reading The Early Morning Coffee Paradox

My first coffee cupping with Atkinsons

On the 9th March I attended my first coffee cupping at Grind and Tamp with Atkinsons, a local roaster based in Lancaster.  I have tasted their coffee on a number of occasions in a few of the coffee houses I have visited and it does not disappoint. Before the event I didn't really know what to expect. … Continue reading My first coffee cupping with Atkinsons

The importance of the coffee bean

A staggering 55 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK on a daily basis according to the British Coffee Association.  The mass coffee market in the UK opens many opportunities for coffee growers and roasters alike, but how do you know that your coffee is of good quality?  Many coffee shops now show … Continue reading The importance of the coffee bean

Grind and Tamp

Grind and Tamp is a recent addition to Greater Manchester's coffee scene opening in Ramsbottom in spring last year.  Ramsbottom is a small market town in the Irwell Valley, just to the north of Bury, the main street is lined with independent shops including the indulgent Chocolate Cafe, a bakery, butcher and even a pub.  Now … Continue reading Grind and Tamp