The Season of Man Flu

The Season of Man Flu

I’ve spent the last month feeling sorry for myself.  Until yesterday, it was over FOUR weeks since I last set foot in a gym and in that time I have sneezed more times than I can remember sneezing in the previous year!  The most sympathy I got?  Someone gently teasing me about ‘man flu’…

This time of year illness is rife.  You can’t walk into a room without someone sneezing or complaining about a sore throat.  No matter how hard I try each year, I never seem to avoid catching man flu.  This year I decided to invest in industrial amounts of alcohol-free ‘we kill 99% of all germs’ hand gel. It turns out that the 1% of germs the gel doesn’t kill are the germs that makes you ill…

I’m hoping, in vain of course, that my reward for being ill for a whole month straight is a man-flu-free winter.  I may just lather myself in ‘we kill 99% of all germs’ products and see which one works best.  Either that or hang a garland of onions or garlic around my neck to ward people off.  If nobody comes near me, then I can’t catch anyone’s cold, right?

Just in case neither of these tactics produces the desired result, I’ve caved in and bought plenty of honey, ginger and lemons along with a box full of Lemsip.  Just in case.

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