Optimism for 2017…

Optimism for 2017…

The new year is a time when we are granted the opportunity to draw a line under the last 12 month, whether good or bad, and start afresh.  This year I have taken this opportunity to both plan and look ahead to the next 12 months.  Here are some of the things I resolve to see and do in 2017.

Running – 10k Challenge

My first goal is simple.  Set a new 10k personal best time by the end of March.  After narrowly missing out on a sub-50 minute time in the first Bury 10k in 2016, I have set myself the goal of going one minute quicker this year.  Why March?  There are plenty of 10k races in March and by that time of the year running is starting to get more pleasant as the UK thaws out.  By giving myself a full three months to train I also aim to put work in both on the road and at the gym to ensure that I can achieve my target finish time.

The PAT Pacers after completing the Bury 10k!

Travel Somewhere New

My second resolution for the new year is to travel more and explore somewhere new.

In 2016 I travelled abroad to three different countries, visiting Switzerland for the first time.  I also made trips to Italy and Cyprus in resorts I have visited before at some point.  I did very little travelling within the UK, visiting North Wales once in autumn.

In 2017, I want to see more of the world.  I am intrigued at the prospect of travelling to Germany, mainly because of the Porche museum in Stuttgart.  I’m no adrenaline junkie but when it comes to cars I love to see supercars performing to their limits.  After driving a Porche 911 on a supercar day last year I want to learn more about the car which brought me so much excitement.  Stuttgart also appeals because of the cheap flights, the Old Town of Shillerplatz and the opportunity to see yet more fast cars at the Mercedes-Benz museum.


I am also keen to travel back to Ireland for the first time since my childhood.  Although I visited as a child I would love to go back as it is a place so close to my heart.  County Mayo’s tranquillity is in stark contrast to the busy metropolis of Manchester and the sight of Crough Patrick always feels like home.



My third reason for being excited for the year ahead is that I am seeing Frances live in Manchester!  Whilst I regularly watch sport, mainly cricket, live at a stadium, I rarely attend music events.  It is well documented on this blog that Frances is one of my favourite artists and I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing her perform live.


2017 is also going to be the year I continue to learn how to box with my PT, attempt to resolve my New Years Resolution 2015 by finally going around a big wheel (who’s with me?!) and go on a stag do in Benidorm.  Although 2016 may have felt like a drag for some, I’m looking forward to what 2017 has in store!

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