Kill Procrastination with The Five Minute Difference…

Kill Procrastination with The Five Minute Difference…

How to kill procrastination in five minutes

If you are sat procrastinating you’re not alone.  Plenty of people put off the things they have to do until ‘later’.  Procrastination kills productivity.  A lack of motivation can stall any task, no matter how trivial or small it might seem.  Those tasks never get done.

I read about the five-minute difference some time ago.  If you can’t break out of an unproductive rut and find yourself struggling for motivation, do something that you can complete in five minutes.  Then move onto the next task, and the next until you have completed all your five-minute tasks.  You can then look back on all the tasks you completed instead of ruing a missed opportunity to get things done.  This technique, it was proposed, increases waning motivation levels and it definitely works for me.

The Momentum Shift

Sometimes, a little momentum is all you need.  The most difficult part of any task is getting started and we all know how difficult that feels.  Often, tasks seem more daunting before you begin them because you still have it all left to do; get started and find your flow and that problem goes away.  By building on the tasks you can get done in a short period of time you then find yourself on a roll and much more motivated to tackle bigger challenges.

The key to success is to start the process.  We all know that if we continually postpone tasks until tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.

10 thoughts on “Kill Procrastination with The Five Minute Difference…

  1. It’s true sometimes the hardest part is to start. I find I am easily distracted but then once I have gotten into the work I am doing I can get on with it easily.

  2. This is a great idea, I’m terrible for procrastinating, and before I know it I’ve wasted so much time!

  3. Great post! I’ve never thought of something so simple to give me a little more motivation when I’m lacking. I’ve heard of the “Power Hour” but sometimes it’s hard to even keep moving for that long. And if I can get moving, I’ll most likely get distracted anyway. I think I’ll try out this five minute technique!

  4. D’ya know what, I’m going to give this a try. I’ve done something similar in the past and it worked for me so I think this would too. I need a huge kick up the backside right now! xxx

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