New Years Resolution 2015 – Why I must go around the Manchester Wheel!

New Years Resolution 2015 – Why I must go around the Manchester Wheel!

As documented in my previous post on how I resolved my New Years Resolution for 2014; this year is the year that I want to conquer my fear of heights by having a ride on The Wheel of Manchester.  I’ve been scared of heights for as long as I can remember.  Open spaces at height, as opposed to enclosed spaces like in a building, are the worst.

Peering over the edge of a hill gives me one of the most sickening feelings as the irrational fear that the ground underneath me will give way and I’ll plunge to the bottom, always seems to strike.

And it’s odd.

As far as I can remember, I’ve never really fell from a height apart from tumbling down the stairs once or twice as a child.  I’ve never been suspended in mid-air, unsure of how to get back to ground.  Nothing unusual anyway.  I don’t fear flying, once I’m up in the air I’m perfectly happy, in fact I enjoy the experience.

Fear is irrational.  I know I’m not going to come to any harm by being higher up in the world.  I know that you can get a lovely picturesque view of the world from high vantage points.  That’s why I want to go on The Wheel of Manchester.  It’s £9 for the privilege but I think it will be money well spent to see Manchester from another angle and to conquer arguably my greatest fear.

I may come up with other, fitness related goals at some point this year but for now this is my main aim:  To conquer vertigo.

The only way is up!

Maybe you have a fear that you hope to overcome in 2015.  What’s your fear and how do you hope to conquer it?  Leave a comment below!

3 thoughts on “New Years Resolution 2015 – Why I must go around the Manchester Wheel!

    1. Starting to think that you could be right. I can go to a fair height in an enclosed space whereas in a more open space I start to struggle with the ‘height’ at a lower level. But why would I be scared of falling from a height if I never have? That’s something that I’ve never understood and why I always thought it was vertigo!

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