A bit about me…

A bit about me…

I’ve been thinking about starting to blog for a while as I’m interested in entering the media when I graduate from university in 2015.  In September 2014 I will enter my third year at university having achieved a 2:1 in both my first and second years.  The content of my blog will, however, be more focused on my thoughts when I run and occasionally my observations on the English language.  I hope that you find the content that I post enjoyable and I hope that, as a result of my youth, I don’t come across as naive!  That certainly is not the intention.

So, what sort of running do I do?  Well, I’m not exactly the quickest but I’m a long distance runner and completed my first half marathon in Blackpool during April 2014.  The run itself will form one of my first blog posts so I won’t spoil it by giving too much detail here but suffice to say I was happy with my time of just under 2 hours:  1:59:52, those 8 seconds were really important to me.

I’ve completed several 10k, 5 mile and 5k races but my proudest achievement is definitely the half marathon.

Before the Blackpool Half Marathon 2014
Blackpool Half Marathon 2014 – Before the start

That’s enough of an introduction about me though, I’ll be writing my first couple of blog posts in the coming days and I hope that you find some of the things I write about interesting to you.

I’m just starting out as a blogger and a writer so I would really appreciate any feedback that you would be willing to give.  You can either leave a comment under my post or email me at:  barrettconnor94@gmail.com

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first blog post and I hope that you will revisit my blog in future to read more!

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  1. Connor, as much as it was enjoyable to read your blog, I thought that however to make it more interesting you could perhaps give detail of what exactly went through your mind at the time of your achievements.

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