Four Positives of a 4AM Alarm

Four Positives of a 4AM Alarm

Rolling over to switch my alarm off at 4am is never something I look forward to.  My bed is always at its comfiest when I know I have to get up for an early shift.  Often, waking up before 6am feels like a chore and my bed suddenly becomes the most comfortable it has ever been.  Yet despite the downsides, there are some benefits to waking up so early…


Whilst nearly everyone is still in bed, the world is a more tranquil place.  Everywhere is still and there are no phone calls or distractions preventing you from getting those niggling jobs done before work.  This also provides the perfect time to contemplate; and whilst I would never advocate setting a 4am alarm just so you can ponder which sandwich filling to choose for tomorrow’s lunch if you just happen to be awake take your opportunity!

A peaceful evening on the beach in Paphos, Cyprus


As the dawn breaks the peace gives way to nature, at least for a while.  The early morning birdsong is a welcome exchange for an extra hour in bed!  I live in an urban area and have often been surprised at some of the animals who cross my path whilst driving in the early hours.

A leaf in my path.  November 2016


Save for the overnight truckers and fellow shift workers the roads are empty.  Whilst there are often diversions in place whilst roadworks are done at night, main thoroughfares which are always bustling during the day are often clear.  Plus, a quick detour during a quiet hour of the morning beats sitting in a traffic jam any day of the week!


Radio stations are full of adverts and endless chatter between hosts during the day.  At night there’s more music to be enjoyed.  There’s nothing better than to drive to work to your favourite tunes!  Devoid of energy in the early hours I love having the radio turned up loud to spur me on.  By the time I get to work I just know it’s going to be a Beautiful Day!

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  1. Well done for looking at the positives of such an early start. I dont know if i would be as positive as you! 🙂

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