Grind it out

Grind it out

If you are going through hell, keep on going (Winston Churchill)


Some days, it just isn’t happening.  The plan has to go out of the window.

Today’s session was meant to start on the rowing machine, 6 minutes warm up followed by cardio based hell.  1 minute in I stopped, no flow, no speed, no power.  Not today.

We moved upstairs, into the gym hall and Dane set out a circuit.  This is where PTs earn their money, if it wasn’t for Dane I’d have probably left the gym after about 20 minutes of frustration, his encouragement and adaptability rescued what could have been a disastrous session!

Bag flips are currently my absolute favourite exercise for no reason other than that you can feel your whole body working with each repetition.  Each repetition is a reminder of the weaker body you once had, tearing it up, making it stronger and more resilient for next time.

The upper hall doesn’t have a punch bag, but it does have gloves and mats, hit the mats as hard as you can and you are rewarded as they fall off one by one (they aren’t meant to but I’m no boxer and my right arm is a lot stronger than my left so they do!), my aim is always to end up with more mats on the floor than on the wall – I usually win.

Sometimes it’s best to go along with your body’s natural instinct and today mine was to explode with each repetition.  My arms and legs were aching from yesterday’s hour long effort but, with the focus on explosive movements, the only option was to power through.  Normally when I have a PT session, I’m quite keen to have the right music on, today there was no right music.  Each session is different and this one was personal.

My only option was to plough through the pain and grind it out.

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