To the limit

To the limit

The weather has been glorious for the last two days, it’s odd that the weather is so nice at this time of year.  It was too good to stay indoors and not take advantage of it.  Dane dropped me a text asking whether I wanted an outdoor session.  Perfect.

We met at 4pm on a local field.  Although it was just after finishing time for a couple of local schools and colleges, we largely had the field to ourselves but for a young lad having a kickabout with his dad.  The challenge was already set by the time I arrived at the field.  It looked like this:

Redvales Field Set Up

The large tyre weighs around 56kg!

The workout consisted of the following:

  • Running the length of the football field x4 to warm up
  • Zig-zag sprints around the posts to the top left of screen to test speed and agility
  • Battle ropes
  • Tyre drags with the rope (centre of screen)
  • Squat and press with the large tyre
  • Tyre flips with the large tyre
  • Press ups
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank

Working out outside feels better in so many ways.  It allows us to be closer to nature, to where we truly belong as humans, in the great outdoors.  There’s also the opportunity to explore different places and working out at Redvales was a new challenge.  Different equipment, whilst not a magic wand, did provide a refreshing change from the more clinical gym environment.  The workout was painful but well worth it.  Words can’t describe the workout adequately so I’ll drop these videos here instead:



So yesterday I went into Manchester for a coffee and came across this rather eloquent sign at Foundation Coffee House which resonated with me:


Sometimes life is not about making big gestures but little actions that have a big impact.  We all have the power to change someone’s world, make yours a change for the better…

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