Like a yoyo…

Like a yoyo…

So I had a run in the rain which felt amazing followed by a run, two days later, that felt really rather sluggish and heavy legged followed by a day of over-eating at a wedding on Saturday and Sunday evening at work.  And as a result of all that, no time for running.  It’s been a fantastic weekend, don’t get me wrong.  But.  And it’s a big but, it’s not helping me build any form up.  Get the feeling that I need to run regularly, three or four times a week maybe, without eating a horse in between each run.  I’m a touch over 9st, weight isn’t the problem but I do feel like I’m making running an excuse to live unhealthily.  So tomorrow, or should that be today, starts a new week.  No parties, weddings or birthdays are planned and so I hope to get back to some sort of healthy normality!

Off to sleep now, enjoy your runs!


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