North Star – Coffee with a twist!

North Star – Coffee with a twist!

North Star Coffee Roasters

North Star Coffee Roasters produce some of the most unique and varied coffee that I have ever tasted.  The roastery is based in Leeds and pride themselves in producing high quality Arabica coffees.  They earned a place in the Northern Independent Coffee Guide 2106 due to their commitment to speciality grade coffee.

The North Star Range

North Star currently have seven coffees on offer.  However, as coffees are chosen in accordance with their freshness and season, the selection of coffees are subject to change.  This philosophy is one that contradicts the general trend in the food and drink industry as more and more products are being treated so that they can be sold year round.  However, the coffee distributed by North Star is fresh, not treated nor preserved and to this extent, the quality of their coffee is optimal every time.  From a consumer perspective, this commitment is both refreshing and liberating as different coffees are available at different times of the year giving coffee drinkers the opportunity to try new blends and single origin coffees when they are in season.

Czar Street

I recently purchased a bag of Czar Street finely ground for use in an Aeropress.  Czar Street is a blend of Rwanda Bushoki (which can be purchased in its own right here) and Columbian Andino beans.  Rwanda Bushoki is a delicious coffee in its own right; if you prefer single origin to blended coffees I highly recommend it.

North Star Coffee Czar Street

Opening a packet of Czar Street is an olfactory delight; a powerful marzipan aroma gives way to more subtle berry notes.  After brewing the coffee using the Aeropress method for four minutes the smell of the coffee mellows.  The flavour of the coffee is unique and complex and develops as it runs across the palate.  Marzipan dominates the tasting experience but hints of berry are ever-present.  The coffee is both smooth and full of flavour but harbours no bitterness.

I made two cups of Czar Street in succession, one with milk, one without.  As a result of the complex flavour profile, I preferred the coffee when made without adding milk.  Without milk, the flavour of the coffee is bolder and both the marzipan and more fruity notes are free to develop unhindered.  Czar Street is not a coffee to gulp down first thing in a morning for an extra caffeine kick; it is a coffee you should savour.

Ethiopian Aramo

Another coffee from North Star Coffee that made a serious impression on my taste-buds recently was the uniquely fruity Ethiopia Aramo.  The distinct blueberry notes that distinguish this coffee come from the natural method used when the cherries and coffee beans are processed.  The coffee packs a powerful fruity punch with a sweet and lasting finish.

Although I have only discovered North Star in recent months, their coffee made an instant impression.  When bought for use at home, North Star’s coffee retails between £5.50 and £8.50 for a 250g bag.  A bag of North Star is a real treat and is well worth the cost.  The quality coffee they produce guarantee that you will get value for money no matter how you like your morning brew.

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