Productive Traits of an Early Bird

Productive Traits of an Early Bird

Starting the day the right way

I often find myself awake during the early hours of the morning, either in order to go to work for a 4am start or because my body clock has failed to notice that it is acceptable to have a lie in on a day off!  How frustrating!  This morning is the last of my week’s holiday and after a fantastic but very tiring weekend in Spain I was ready for one last lie in before my first early alarm call tomorrow morning.  Alas, it was not to be!

I woke shortly after half past four.  At least I think I did.  I’ll admit that I didn’t check the time straight away as I clung on to the hope that I might be able to drift back off until a more reasonable hour of the morning.  An hour later and with no chance of returning to the land of nod, I started my day in earnest.

I enjoy making a little time in the morning to wake up before starting on any jobs that I have to do.  More often than not I will factor in time for breakfast as well as ten minutes to watch Sky Sports, especially if there is live cricket!  In that time I will also write down anything pressing that I need to remember for the day ahead.

The Power of the To Do List for Productivity

On my days off I often find myself ticking off a to-do list.  I bought myself a 2016/2017 diary last year which has a handy space next to each week where you can pen a quick note.  I use mine to remind myself of the large list of things I need to get done.  This week’s list involves making phone calls, cancelling Spotify Premium when my current discount expires and buying a new phone after mine came to an untimely death last week.  I also need to find some session plans for the gym as I didn’t have the time to find any last week before flying out to Spain.  Now I’m back on home soil I have no excuse!

The Importance of Good Coffee

Productivity can’t be achieved without good coffee and I always have one soon after getting up to start my day.  Today’s first blend is provided by Grind and Tamp as I still have some of their Christmas blend left over.  No doubt I will have another coffee later on.  Although making coffee with an Aeropress is more time consuming than using an instant variety I always find that the ends are worth the means, even if it is ridiculous-o’clock!

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