Walking for Work

Walking for Work

So I still haven’t been out for a run, but it isn’t all bad news and I’m not TOO grumpy.  I’ve got a part time job and with the job comes walking, lots of walking, especially during a busy shift.  A couple of times I’ve wondered to myself how many miles I cover on a shift.  Of course, I can’t use a Garmin in a huge indoor establishment but I will, when I remember, take a pedometer.  I keep telling myself that my increased mileage, although at walking pace, is justification enough to have that extra crisp, biscuit, banana, sharon fruit.

What’s one of them I hear you ask?  Sharon fruit became my favourite fruit about 4 years ago.  They’re fleshy, juicy and healthy – the perfect combination.  I commend them to you the next time you venture to your local market.  I get mine from Michael Cass at Bury Market, they’re lush!  Anyway, enough about food, time for bed.  Maybe next time I write here I’ll be able to talk about some running.  Sigh.  At least, that’s what I hope!

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