Why Go Bites® are my Go To Snack

Why Go Bites® are my Go To Snack

Why I’m Adapting My Diet

I’ve never been particularly great at avoiding chocolate or a biscuit late in the day.  Yet, when walking well over 10,000 steps a day and coupled with regular exercise, that’s never been an issue.  I’ve always been able to justify wolfing down a quick chocolate bar or indulging in something sweet after work.  Since starting a new job last year I have had to find new ways to eat.  I am conscious of sitting down for much of the day and have found it hard to avoid raiding the biscuit tin!

In a bid to boost my fitness, I have turned to Go Bites to fuel my gym sessions after work.  However, I don’t just eat them when I’m working out.  Last week, I decided to see what difference they made on a day-to-day basis.  I love my job which involves a lot of writing but it doesn’t involve much exercise.    Without appending a gym workout or weekly shopping trip to my day, I could easily walk less than 3,000 steps.  As a result, I’m even more conscious of what I’m eating.  Besides, eating too many processed foods and sugar has been linked with many health issues.


Why Boost Go Bites® are my Go To Snack

Not all Go Bites® are created equally.  Or rather, each variety is intended to be used for a specific purpose.  Whilst I absolutely love the indulgent and delicious Chocolate and Hazelnut Recover Bite, I am avoiding chocolate in a post-Christmas test of my resolve.  As a result, I prefer to pack the Date and Coconut Boost in my workbag to beat the 3pm slump.

As I mentioned in my review of Go Bites®, I love the delicate flavour of desiccated coconut.  This snack hits the spot when I find myself needing a quick boost of energy late in the day.  Their sweetness is natural so there’s no need to feel guilty and they give me the energy I need when I hit the gym two hours later.  What’s more, they’re really light on the stomach.

The snack is perfect any time of the day but I prefer saving it until well after lunch when I start craving something sugary.  I’ve previously said that you don’t need a brew to enjoy them but they are even better if partnered with coffee.  As for the type of coffee to try with them, why not take a look at coffee from North Star Coffee Roasters.


The NHS 100-Calorie Initiative

Eating too many processed foods and sugar has been linked with many health issues.  That excessive consumption of these food types is bad for your help is an uncontroversial point.  However, a recent NHS initiative urges parents to buy ‘100 calorie snacks, 2 a day max’.  The initiative fails to combat the real issue, nutritional content.  Sure, the adverts berate the health conditions which poor snacking habits can lead to but they fail to offer an alternative.  What can you snack on if not something unhealthy?

Whilst the NHS promotional drive advocates 100 calorie snacks, it fails to account for the fact that there are better options out there that may exceed such a strict limit.  It is difficult to find a good quality snack which sneaks in under the 100 threshold.  I think it’s fair to say that Go Bites® fill the void.  There are three bites in each pack totalling 138 calories.  By comparison, a 250g Fruit and Nut Mix from Tesco weighs in at 115 calories per 25 gram portion.  Likewise, Livestrong report that a large banana contributes 121 calories.  Yet, as with Go Bites®, both snacks contribute more in terms of nutrition than a small bag of sweets ever could.

The bottom line is that nutritional content shouldn’t be overlooked in favour of calories alone when you are making choices about snacking.  After all, I’ve never found a chocolate bar under 100 calories anyway.  Where would the fun be in that?

Boost and Beyond

The next time you need a handy snack to power you through the working day, I’d recommend picking up a pack of Boost bites.  You can find out where to buy them for yourself by looking at this list of stockists.  Once you’ve tried them, Go Bites® will become your go to snack too!

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