Manchester Marathon Postponement – The COVID-19 Update

Manchester Marathon Postponement – The COVID-19 Update

Learning of the Manchester Marathon postponement was a huge disappointment. I have felt good in the last few months, enjoying a brilliant day at Oulton Park in February on my longest training run. My sub-4 target was well within reach.

But these aren’t ordinary times and it’s no time to mope. There are much bigger things at play than a lost race or two. Over the last two weeks or so I’ve come to terms with the idea that I likely won’t run a marathon this year. In the circumstances, it’s inconsequential.

It is only natural to be disappointed but it would be selfish to let that feeling linger. I sincerely hope that those around me stay safe and healthy in the months ahead.

There’s a simple joy in running and I will continue to do so. With marathon training suspended, I will focus instead on ‘shortening up’ and including a whole lot of hill work in the months to come. Who knows? I might even win a couple of segment crowns on Strava. I’ll certainly try.

Running is a great way to clear your mind and maintain a sense of positivity in these uncertain times.  I would encourage anyone who feels they need some fresh air to go for a quick run or walk (unless the Government guidelines change, of course).

And the sub-4 marathon attempt? Once COVID-19 is safely behind us, I’ll go again. The Manchester Marathon postponement is setback, not the end. This too shall pass, then we will go again.

For now, I’ll continue to post and write about running in these uncertain times. I am extremely grateful to those who continue to work to ensure that we, the majority, can stay safe. In the context of the pandemic, being restricted to exercise outdoors once a day is a very small price to pay for our well being in the long term.

Stay home, stay safe everyone!

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