A guide to the best pre-run breakfast you can eat!

A guide to the best pre-run breakfast you can eat!

My Favourite Pre-Run Breakfast:  Why Scrambled Eggs are my safe bet

If I plan to go out for a long run I generally have scrambled eggs and some toast for breakfast, simple as that.  Porridge is really heavy and tends to cause stomach trouble if I try and run any great distance.  Cereal isn’t filling enough to keep my hunger at bay whilst out on the run.  So after a bit of experimenting I decided that 2 scrambled eggs and two slices of toast was the way forward.  That was the plan in Spring 2014 for my half marathon and nothing much has changed today.

I occasionally make overnight oats with plenty of fruit mixed in to give it a bit of substance but that goes the same way as porridge when I try and run on it about 2 hours afterwards.


What is your pre-run breakfast?  What keeps you full enough for long enough on a long run without having to stop for an impromptu toilet break part way through?  Share your meal-ideas in the comments and let’s get some sort of recipe-list-for-long-runs going so that fellow runners can try your favourite pre-run breakfast.

My pre-run breakfast:  2 eggs, scrambled with a little black pepper and 2 lightly toasted slices of bread with a light covering of margarine.  I don’t drink coffee before long runs so I have some water alongside my breakfast.  2 hours to let it settle then it’s time to GO!

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