Why I needed a fitness plan

Why I needed a fitness plan

Planning isn’t something that I’m very good at when it concerns fitness.  My sessions, until recently, have been something I’ve fancied at that particular moment in time.  Spur of the moment, spontaneous sessions not really following a set pattern.  Whilst it’s lovely to have the freedom to think ‘Yeah, today I fancy a 10 mile run’, the reality is that I am rarely motivated without a goal in mind.  After all, the last goal that I aimed for was the Blackpool Half Marathon last year, since then I’ve been exercising out of habit rather than with an end target in mind.

That was until last week when I finally decided to sit down and create a fitness plan.  Perhaps though, to start with, it’d help to just have a programme to follow!  The plan?  To have a plan!

So I sat down with a word document open with each row labelled as a day of the week and two columns, the first one being a workout that I’d perform if I was feeling really good, the second as a fall back for the days where motivation is more of an issue.  I know I like running, or at least the thought of it, and I also know that I need to put some strength work in even though the thought of that isn’t quite so appealing.  I say need because although my stamina is above average, I don’t exactly resemble Mr Muscle, rather the opposite actually!

Over the next few weeks I’ll keep editing and amending until I have something that I can follow long term.  But, to start with at least, it’s good to have a rough idea of what I should be aiming to do each week.  Whilst I don’t really have a race to aim for or a specific end goal in mind, I do aim to strengthen up and get back to running 10 mile-long-runs on a regular basis*.

New year, new me is an all too common saying and it isn’t applicable here.  2015 doesn’t herald the start of Connor mk2 or mk3 for that matter; I’m not changing wholesale, just refining what’s already there.

Here’s to the fitness plan!

*Regular basis:  At least once every month for the next twelve months, increasing during the summer months of June, July and August.
Pause for thought:  Do you prefer to stick to a training plan or is your exercise regime a product of spontaneity and unstoppable enthusiasm?  Leave a comment below as I’d love to find out whether I’m in a minority struggle against my inner rebel! 🙂

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